14th of September 2023

whu family business summit

We are thrilled to extend warm invitations to join us at the upcoming Family Business Summit, an event dedicated to the growth, sustainability, and success of family businesses. This summit promises to be an enriching experience that brings together like-minded leaders and entrepreneurs to foster growth, share insights, and build lasting connections.

Our Speakers

Focus Talks

Christian Scherpel – Owner and CEO of Malzer’s Backstube

Malzer’s Backstube is a bread company with more than 2500 employees and many branches in the Ruhr area. The extensive product range mainly includes breads and rolls. The Scherpel family of entrepreneurs, to which Christian Scherpel also belongs, is the owner. The latter first completed an apprenticeship as a baker, a bachelor’s degree in business administration, an apprenticeship as a master baker and then a master’s degree in business administration. Today, as the fifth generation, he is part of the management team of the family business.

Prof. Dr. Peter May – Honorary professor at WHU & founder and owner of PETER MAY The Family Business People

The founder of INTES held the Wild Group Chair for Family Business at IMD in Lausanne and is an honorary professor at WHU in Vallendar. With the INTES principle, Hon. Prof. Dr. May, who himself comes from a family business, has created the first integrated strategy concept for family businesses and their owners. On this basis, he advises well-known entrepreneurs and entrepreneurial families. He is also a member of various advisory and supervisory boards. Peter May is Germany’s leading consultant and a globally recognized expert on family businesses.


Justus Weber - Consultant at WSH Family Office and Speaker of the Board at the Association of Independent Family Offices e.V.

Since 2021, Mr. Weber has been working in the second generation of his own family business, WSH Family Office. In his role as a consultant and speaker for the management, he provides support to affluent individuals and entrepreneurial families, assisting them in structuring their asset allocations. Mr. Weber places particular emphasis on the next generation, known as the NextGen. His core competencies revolve around financing and alternative investments. He recently started a part-time master’s program with a focus on inheritance law and business succession to further deepen his expertise in this area.

Since 2021, Mr. Weber has also been responsible for the office of the Association of Independent Family Offices e.V. (VuFO).

Johanna Heise, shareholder of the Heise Group.

Since April 2023, she has been a member of the shareholder family of the Heise Group. This family-owned business, now in its third generation of leadership, has evolved into a diverse media conglomerate since its founding in 1949. The company’s activities span various areas, including local marketing, content media, and online shopping portals.

In her role as Head of Brand Development, Johanna Heise collaborates with the Heise Group on creating a contemporary branding concept for the new umbrella brand “heise.”

Interactive Talks

Dr. med. Till Diergarten, former managing director and radiologist of the MVZ Meine Radiologie Tuttlingen.

In 2019, the specialist made the decision to sell his radiology practice in Tuttlingen to the larger chain “Meine Radiologie-Holding,” headquartered in Frankfurt. Dr. Diergarten will provide insights into his experiences as a doctor in an entrepreneurial environment and explain why and how he chose to sell his practice.

Markus Mann, founder and CEO of MANN Naturenergie.

In 1993, Markus Mann established MANN Naturenergie GmbH & Co. KG and built the biomass heating power plant in Langenbach for the energetic utilization of landscape maintenance wood and other natural untreated woods. He has received multiple awards in recent years for his entrepreneurial and environmentally friendly achievements.

Our Program

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